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    Production Motorhomes

    for the Bay Area Film Industry

    Philip Brummé has been driving production motorhomes for over 25 years.  He has extensive experience in the film industry and knows what production needs.  We've built our motorhome accordingly, always with an eye for the most efficient setup and organization.


    Chrisie Denning/Cardenas Has Been Driving for 20 years and is a great asset to the "HEY DOLL" Team.

    She is always there to lend a hand to whoever needs it...Wardrobe, Makeup, Production, etc. Helping to load in/out Wardrobe, Makeup, etc, or making expressos with a great, Positive Attitude!


                           TWO BATHROOMS! 

                                    One-Exterior Access

                                     One-interior Access.

                          2 slide-outs (Plenty Of Room)



                         5G Wireless internet, UNLIMITED!

                                   Wireless, color printer,


                                LED make-up mirrors 

                      Both Tungsten & Daylight-(Dimmable)


           USB plugs located throughout the motorhome.

                                 Phone charging station


                            Nespresso espresso machine.

                       Steamer, iron, and ironing board.

                                    Sirius XM Radio.

               Honda 2200 Portable  Generator available 

       Pay Only For  What You Use.
       If You Don't             Need It,
    Why Pay For It?

    Motorhome daily Rental                      $900/Day

    Generator                                               $12/hr Unlimited Internet                                 $75/Day

    Printer/Copier                                        $75/Day

    Mileage                                                   $2.50/Mile

    Credit Card Fee                                           4%


    Honda Portable Generator.                   $85/Day

    Driver Rates:       Union Rate- Current Union Rates                     

     Non-Union Rate:                                    $525/10

    Insurance Requirements

    Property Insurance

    $1,000,000 min.

    Liability Insurance

    $2,000,000 min

    Vehicle Insurance

    $1,000,000 min.

    Worker's Compensation Insurance

    $1,000,000 min.

    Please reload

    We shall be named as additionally insured and as a loss payee as:

    HeyDoll LLC

    476 Moll Court

    Sonoma, CA 95476


    Let's talk

    HeyDoll LLC

    476 Moll Court

    Sonoma, California 95476

    Philip Brummé:       707-953-4205 

    Amanda Brummé:  707-953-5650

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